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Cheaters are permanently banned across all Epic products. By default, Android and i OS players are matched against other mobile players only.However, if a mobile player joins a crossplay party, they’ll be placed in crossplay matchmaking queues.

That means you can expect it before Thanksgiving in the USA next year - which is Thursday November 26.

While these will be traditional console boxes you can expect a streaming version of the Anaconda hardware too -- something like the Nvidia Shield -- that will be significantly cheaper, but will stream games from the cloud rather than playing them locally.

The streaming box will be a relatively powerful piece of kit and deal with some processing locally to eliminate controller and display lag, according to Thurrott.

The Cloud device will cost more than most set-top boxes on the market today, but cost less than the full console.

The tipster also claims that the new console will be backwards compatible, supporting current Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

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