Why people use online dating

You surely have got what anyone can even dream of generally.

If you're paying for e Harmony or Match.com, you're old and desperate. Either way, you're going to be viewed as someone who can't get a date the “normal” way.

The space we share with someone through social networking is in great contrast to that we share with people in the physical world. What we see is not enough since many of it can be mere illusions.

A partner ofcourse is the one with whom we plan a future and certainly share the most of our physical space. A person will certain try to be at his best when you meet him/her online.

This very basis of a relationship goes missing online, making it a bad idea altogether.

Away from all these factors, if you still are someone who has found a partner online, with whom you share a bond that is pure and faithful, you are lucky beyond limits.

A crush, an infatuation or attraction is possible, but LOVE is not. How can one fall in love by merely talking too much? Fake accounts, false promise, lies, wrong information are very easily given online and there is no way to authenticate them, thus trapping many online dates.

Career prospects have become a top priority for most young people, leaving no space for social life.

There's even more judgment based on the type of dating site or app you're using.

But let's be serious here: As Millennials, we're accustomed to instant gratification.

It is a great achievement to become a successful businessman or start your own company.

But it is a bad idea to think that this is all you need from life.

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So, why would we go out looking for a date at a bar when we can learn the same amount of information about our potential dates by scoping out their social media profiles? But have you ever tried explaining to your grandparents how you have a first date with someone you met through the internet?

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