Who is nikki webster dating dating a newly divorced woman

The angel of the Sydney Olympics opening ceremony is all grown up… But the baby-faced singer is certainly all grown up now. Nikki Webster will forever be remembered as the freckle-faced, curly-haired cutie who flew high above the crowd at the Sydney Olympics 14 years ago.Check out some of the most stunning weight-loss success stories to ever be chronicled on Amber Rachdi's transformation is one of the most jaw-dropping.

She began her journey at 653 pounds and was forced to ride around in a scooter to carry out basic tasks like grocery shopping.

“No, but I should start singing to her,” she jokes. “I think we have a deeper appreciation for each other because he saw what I went through and it’s really intense,” says Nikki. “When she first came out after all that pain, I looked at her and said, ‘You know what, honey?

“We’re working as a team because this is all new to us.” So will Skylah have any siblings? I think you’re going to be an only child for a while.'” Meet SKYLAH TIA Mc MAH Born: February 6, 2014 Weight: 2.77kg Height: 48cm Pictures: Phillip Castleton, Getty Images.

After losing 20 pounds in order to qualify for gastric bypass surgery with Dr.

Now, she underwent the procedure and ended up getting down to 377 pounds within a year!

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