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They think that Carly was just a childhood crush and Sam was Freddie's true love.

So let's just get the most important question out of the way right here and now: Who does Nathan think Freddie really loved?

It just played out in the moment like it was because it really was two friends saying goodbye. It was hard, but it made shooting that scene a lot easier because it was really kind of just us playing it how we would have played it. aside from the actual kiss, because we definitely wouldn't have done that in real life.

It sounds depressing, but it’s kind of true."Nathan: "For that one specifically, I really don't remember at all anything where the director came in and said 'I want it to be more this or less this.' From what I remember, they really did kind of back off and let us lay the moment. But the beats and the feeling were all pretty authentic."Nathan: "It was really uncomfortable thinking about your cast mates in that way because we had gotten so close over the years that it was really hard to look at each other from a romantic standpoint — that we had to think of each other that way instead of we’re just a bunch of friends hanging out like we were in real life.

"And also one that does not constantly verbally and physically abuse him." OUCH, Sam.

As a Seddie shipper, my heart is breaking, but as a rational human being, I know Nathan's talking straighup facts.

I'm not really suppsed ot say becuase of publicity.

It was kind of uncomfortable to branch out into that territory when we weren’t there AT ALL in real life.Jennette Mc Curdy on i Carly i Kiss and i Twins a girl named Valerie on i Carly i Want To Date Freddie and Alexia Fast on Gym Teacher: The Movie NO, Jennette Mc Curdy does not have a twin sister. Usually when actors date it messes up the show because if they break up they still have to act like they like each other and that might ge a little weird Actually, Nathan Sykes and dionne bromfield are just good friends.In the episode of i Twin on i Carly she plays her "twin sister" that goes on a date with Freddie. S IM NOT TRING TO BE CARLY SHAY CAUSE MY REAL NAME IS ACTUALLY CARLY. Nathan has been told that he is not allowed to date anyone because after the rumor that he was dating dionne bromfield he reserved a death threat and lost over 6,000 followers on twitter.So, while we didn't find out the truth tonight, the fun episode gave us several loved, you'll notice a row of Post-it notes behind her.The one on the far right reads, "Dancing clowns." Now, my sleuthing hat may be on a little too tight, but it's hard not to think of Cramps the clown from that one First off, that pretty blonde is Nathan's real-life wife, London!

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