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After Idol, him and the other band members went there separate ways, and he joined with bassist Tommy Macdonald, guitar player Dave Rosin and drummer Chris Crippin to continue his career.

The band launched their self titled debut CD which went platinum, and their first single "On My Own" had enormous success in Canada.

, in Burnaby, Canada but grew up in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and Surrey.

As a matter of fact, his full name is Jacob William Hoggard and his nickname is Jake Jakes.

He is currently dating the girl he cheated on his wife with, and that she divorced him for.

I know the guy is a total sleaze ball and has slept around numerous times – but I’d like to know to which extent.

Not to mention, Jacob’s net worth is estimated to be around Million as of To date, Hoggard has performed in a various great project.

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In addition, he was born under the sun sign, Furthermore, Hoggard studied at Senator Reid Elementary School and later transferred to Mennonite Educational Institute. So far, they do not share any children and further, they do not have plans of having a baby.

Then after, he joined Yale Secondary School in Abbotsford. The prominent singer and songwriter Jacob Hoggard earns a hefty sum of money from his singing career.

Other singles from that CD include "Gunnin'", "Villain", "Trip" and "Streetfight".

The bands second CD named "Famous Last Words" also reached platinum level in Canada with singles such as "She's So Sorry", "Never Too Late", "Old School" and "For The Nights I Can't Remember".

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