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The Internet has been a great outlet for storytelling.

You ever met someone and it feels like you have been knowing them for years? Eva and I talked All My Children, kids, travel, CSI: Miami and her new show on the CW Network Chicken Soup for the Soul's Animal Tales. Eva knew exactly what she wanted to do with all her free time. You can't see the necklace now but just string one pearl at a time and in the future, it will all make sense. You can't tell it forwards." Love love love love it. But here in the USA guess what Eva is most known for? Maria is always first then comes oh yeah, CSI." Of course, soaps rule.

"Two months later, Eva gets a call from her agent that Chicken for the Soul is doing a spin-off of Everyday Heros just for animals because the animal shows were the highest rated of the series. "It connects us in a deeper way in a bigger way to other people, stories, solutions, miracles and things that we don't know exist.

It's full of "incredible people doing amazing things for animals and incredible animals doing amazing things for people." Eva sees the show as something even more.

Growing up she dabbled in theater, singing and acting (booked her first commercial at 6). Eva left All My Children in 1997 for the best reason of all; she had her daughter, Kaya, (such a beautiful name). Eva also appeared in one of the final episodes, of the television version, in September 2011. For eight years Eva played Detective Natalia Boa Vista. Hopefully, you are better than me and can rise above jealousy lol. You would think she would be the one who would want to do a You Tube Channel but not at all. If we make it funny and informative about things that you and I are dealing with, I think this could be really fun and funny.' We have done seven episodes. Kaya is also thinking about doing her own podcast."Next, we discussed Eva's new show, Chicken Soup for the Soul's Animal Tales. As we mentioned earlier, our kids are leaving for college soon.

Eva describes the experience as an "amazing training ground". Maria Santos (Grey), also one half of the supercouple Edmund and Maria. Maria moved away from Pine Valley permanently in 2005 but did make a few guest appearances thereafter. I felt like I missed so much time with my daughter when she was growing up. We embarked on a trip around the world."Indeed they did. Just knowing that it exists in the world makes things better."One of my favorite parts of the "interview" is when Eva and I went off topic and talked about any mom's favorite topic, their kids.

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Eva told us the entire first season is full of stories like these.

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