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Both marriage and divorce records are public information and, in theory, anyone who’d like to see marriage and divorce records can view them.

If divorce records were sealed by the judge presiding over the case, you probably won’t be able to access them.

In most cases, parents of one of the named individuals or other entities or individuals as specified by law, such as governmental or agency representatives, law enforcement professionals, or as the result of a court order, can obtain an authorized divorce record.

If you aren’t legally allowed to obtain an authorized divorce record, you should be able to obtain an information divorce record: • An informational copy usually includes all of the information available on the authorized divorce record.

Public Divorce Records: Authorized or Informational Copies In some states, it might not be possible for anyone other than one of the parties of the divorce to obtain certified records.Alternatively, a private database service or the state in which the divorce is registered may charge a fee.Here’s more information about how to retrieve public divorce records: Access Public Divorce Records Directly from the County, State or District Before requesting divorce records, you will need to gather information about the divorced individuals.In some states, such as California, it’s necessary to contact the county Superior Court in which the divorce occurred.In other states, the divorce records may be filed in the county’s civil records or family law division(s).

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