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From animal hides salvaged for warmth under the feet in cold rock caves, to palm leaves, hay, and other vegetation being used in the forests as protection from the elements, there is no doubt that area rugs have a deeply rooted history that dates back to the beginning of evolution.

Initially, area rugs – as we know them today – were used for practical and protective purposes.

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Frozen, deep in the confines of the ice, the rug survived due to the subfreezing temperatures which helped to preserve it.Constructed from various materials found in nature, some tribes would focus on skinning animals for their hides, whereas others would use reeds and plants that they would weave together into a rug.In some areas, these rugs were handed down from one generation to another, and were often the family’s most prized possession due to the work and energy it took to make one.Our most primitive cave drawings, scriptures, and novels showcase numerous references to these rugs.Some of the processes still used today were created thousands of years ago, and handed down through instructional writings and drawings.

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Since we’re all about helping you find quality and enduring value, here is some history and tips to help navigate you around the world of heirloom-quality rugs.

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