Validating software estimates

Then, the percentage of effort for testing is obtained from Organization Database.The percentage so obtained is used to arrive at the effort estimate for testing.To calculate FP for a project, some major components are required.

Use-case is a document which specifies different users, systems or other stakeholders interacting with the concerned application. The interactions accomplish some defined goals protecting the interest of all stakeholders through different behavior or flow termed as scenarios. Step 4 − Divide functionalities into sub-functionalities.

Or in my contractors case, his spreadsheet, email, and text message mashup becomes instantly impractical.

Whether it's a house or a product, you need to define the vision and outline the strategic themes. What do you want to focus on over the next quarter, 6-months, year? Performance, user experience, security, new competitive features (hot tub anyone? Of course, I wanted everything, but there's always those two pesky realities – time and money.

The technique assumes that you already tested similar applications in previous projects and collected metrics from those projects. Take inputs from subject matter experts who know the application (as well as testing) very well and use the metrics you have collected and arrive at the testing effort.

Going into another quarterly planning meeting at work, I realized that I too am working on a long-term project. Building software and building a house aren't all that different – both are long-term projects where multiple teams need to coordinate with one another, and any homeowner will confirm, the project is never done.

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