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Before you begin scouring the internet for companies and email addresses, it’s helpful to know how they’re constructed.

If you can’t find someone’s email online, there are certain patterns you can apply to piece together an email address.

UTF-8 characters are used to represent the non-ASCII characters such as Chinese & Japanese characters.

A very quick snippet today because I've told two people to use this approach in the last few days and both of them told me they didn't know about it.

Free tools like Metric Sparrow automatically do the pattern finding for you.For a variable fee, just type the criteria of your ideal list into the database. The most accurate databases are also, unsurprisingly, the most expensive.Their contacts tend to have been updated every 3-6 months for ongoing accuracy.You know I told all my friends.) Now that you’re all inspired to contact that seemingly out-of-reach investor, client, or hero, I want to give you some practical tools.I recently had a conversation with lemlist CEO and co-founder, Guillaume Moubeche, to discuss the best practices and tools for cold email outreach.

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