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(TCCN = ANTH 2346) This course, primarily intended for nonmajors and as a first course for students considering majoring in anthropology, provides an overview of the subdisciplines of anthropology: ethnology (cultural anthropology), archaeology, physical (biological) anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.

Covers regional cultural geography and history as well as ethnography of specific communities. Considers food systems from biological, ecological, and political-economic perspectives. With a focus on the Indian subcontinent, this course introduces students to the culture, history and politics of South Asia. Students gain understanding of Gandhi's enduring significance in the contemporary world. Implications of this approach for understanding kinship and family in American society also addressed. Credit cannot be given for both ANTH 3338 and ANTH 4338. Examines main issues, theoretical approaches and ethnographic methods used by anthropologists working in cities. Visual material discussed in class may include ethnographic films, art, graphic novels, comics, illustrated magazines, virtual exhibitions and soap operas. Examines the cultural practices of travel and the impact of tourism on both host and guest communities. This course focuses on the expanding field of migration studies in social and cultural anthropology. It examines how economic globalization affects the lives of real people in developing and industrialized countries as well as in small-scale societies traditionally studied by anthropologists.

Admissions is fairly competitive as the UT Austin acceptance rate is 36%.

Popular majors include Business, Biology, and Information Science.

Explores the field of underwater archaeology and research methods. Readings include ethnographies, life histories, and fiction. Medical systems studied cross-culturally to understand how environmental, biological, social, and cultural factors affect disease and health. Origin, evolution and decline of the first high civilizations in Europe, namely the Minoans on the island of Crete and the Mycenaeans in Greece.

The ways gender and sexuality are culturally constructed. Material evidence relevant to our understanding of classical Greek culture and society from the collapse of the Mycenaean Empire through the Hellenistic Period (ca. Archaeological evidence will be considered in light of contemporary historical sources.

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