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This update for Parallels Toolbox 1.6.0 (1005) for Windows contains the following improvements: New features Parallels Toolbox 1.0.0 (519) makes it easy to perform many common tasks on the PC with simple single-function tools.

Tools can be started from Start menu, pinned to the taskbar, and used from the Parallels Toolbox window.

Not only will this save you some space, it will also make any Parallels Desktop 14 updates smaller, so they’ll take less time to download.

Bundled with Parallels Desktop 14, Parallels Toolbox contains a Clean Drive tool.

Taken all together, these four space-saving features and tools can recover a significant amount of storage on your Mac.

Let us know in the comments how these worked for you and how much Mac storage space you recovered.

For our purposes here, we can just consider this package to be a really big file on the Mac hard drive.) So the Windows defragmentation algorithm can’t take advantage of the fact that it’s really stored on the Mac disk, and the Mac can’t take advantage of the fact that this big VM file is internally structured as a Windows drive stored on an NTFS-formatted disk.

Visit Stack Exchange I need to be able to download updates to Parallels on one machine and then distribute the update to multiple, other machines, on a separate network. I've tried to both search kb.parallels.com, as well as Google this.Version 7 was working fine for me under Mountain Lion but the upgrade was fairly cheap, guaranteed to work with ML, so I did it.Nothing negative to report so far - I don't really use many Windows apps for which gestures would be appropriate, but for those who do - and for those who need Retina support - I can see a reason to upgrade.It will identify files on your Mac that you can consider removing: old backups of your i Phone® or i Pad®, log or cache files created by a Mac application, or i Tunes® temp files that are no longer needed.Figure 2 shows the results of the Clean Drive tool for my Mac Book Pro and for my i Mac® at home.

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I can't find anything explicitly stating whether this is or isn't possible.

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