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For solving this problem move /var/cache to a separate subvolume: 15.1).

Make sure that you read the list of annoying bugs for the new version you are going to install. Usually, alongside the bug is listed some solution or workaround, so make sure that you are prepared for upcoming problems.

The delta RPM packages are even smaller in size than patch RPMs, which is an advantage when transferring update packages over the Internet.

The drawback is that update operations with delta RPMs involved consume considerably more CPU cycles than plain or patch RPMs.

YOU (Yast Online Update) only addresses security updates from the official repositories.

This page explains how to run a tool or a series of command line steps to upgrade your system to the latest version of open SUSE. Update from 32-bit open SUSE to Leap is not supported. If your hardware has x86_64 support, you can upgrade 13.2 to 64-bit first. On the AArch64 architecture (64-bit ARM), upgrading from Leap 15.0 to Leap 15.1 is not supported. Be aware that, in principle, this upgrade process is considered “best effort” only.

This allows to perform a complete operating system upgrade in place, without reloading everything from scratch.

Doing a live upgrade has advantages as well as disadvantages. This means that due to some third-party packages and the myriad of possible configurations, it is possible for some combinations to cause failure upon upgrade.

Among the advantages are: Warning: Do not skip a release when upgrading! Instead, from 42.3 upgrade to 15.0, then from 15.0 upgrade to 15.1. Also, remember these important rules: Note: according to factory mail list it has been tested in open QA direct upgrade from open SUSE 12.x to Tumbleweed (till snapshot 1101). The supported starting point is the last open SUSE release with all current updates applied.

This does not include arbitrary open SUSE Build Service repositories you may have added.

We recommend that you disable all OBS repositories first, perform the upgrade, then reenable them.

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It is very important that all important data is backed up prior to beginning the upgrade process.

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