Updating older bathroom in maine

Danny Lipford: So we’re taking a look at the bathroom, to see how we can address those concerns.

Tie the flooring into the adjacent closet, and dress the space up a bit. I knew, you told me before, at one point, that you’re, eventually want all the ceilings done.

Danny Lipford: Once Tiffany sprays a small section over the tub, she moves to the outer room. It takes about four or five minutes to get all the finish off. I didn’t bother doing the backside, because that’s going to go against the mortise on the jamb. Danny Lipford: Apparently with good reason, she knows her stuff. Once all of this is dry, you’re ready to apply more thin-set for laying the tiles, just as you would have on a concrete slab.

But rather than buy all new door hinges, I simply removed the hinges from the door jamb, and I’m going to use a bench grinder and a wire wheel to buff off the brass finish. So I always know that there’s a project due when I come to visit. Then those seams are covered with thin-set adhesive.

We painted the cabinets, we scrapped the popcorn off the ceiling. David England: Put in can lights in the living room, did the stairs. Allen Lyle: We’ll suit up and then we’ll tackle this. Tiffany England: I’m going to sucker you into helping me do all these doorknobs. Danny Lipford: Okay, well I’m going to let you do this. It’s three quarters of inch thick, so we’re using a pneumatic flooring gun to nail it all down. But here’s the challenge, and this is why I’m glad you’re here, because I don’t want to make this decision. Allen Lyle: If you notice, they started with a partial tile. David England: The only room that I get to put stuff up in is outside. I want my floors in the closet done and just these shower doors and so, I’m happy to finally feel it’s 100% complete.

We removed all the carpet on the stairs, put in hardwood. Danny Lipford: And the two of them start their own project. Danny Lipford: There’s only like four shoes that, that, that David has over here. When you strike the plunger, the gun fires a nail through the tongue of the wood, and forces the boards tight against the adjacent one. Danny Lipford: Besides updating the plumbing fixtures we’re also adding new towel bars, and accessories. Danny Lipford: So how’s that for a solution for removing a shower door in a ceramic wall?

If the subfloor is wood, it will need to be covered with cement backerboard first.

You simply scrape off any old adhesive or paint residue, and clean the surface before applying the thin-set adhesive that will secure the new ceramic tiles.

First, we removed the textured popcorn ceiling using a Homax popcorn ceiling scraper. David England: Well, you should never step in the middle of the toilet seat. You know, our bathroom is rather small, and I was trying to reach over and help scrape the ceiling, and stepped in the middle and broke it. Danny Lipford: The other glitch was that one of the ceilings had been painted. But it also only uses 1.28 gallons to flush the toilet, so it’s very efficient. A more economic solution is changing the color with a one part spray-on epoxy finish like this one from Homax. Removing the moldy textured ceiling created a smooth more modern look, but installing the new crown molding added an extra level of elegance to the room.Adults want to keep kids from smoking, vaping, bullying each other or doing anything else they shouldn’t be doing.In Maine, every school balances bathroom privacy and safety differently. David England: I thought you were supposed to be a professional. It looks like a little extra time, but we’ll get it. I’m switching over all the fixtures and fitting from polished brass to brushed nickel. Shannon Loeffler: I’ve helped do porches, paint walls, scrape popcorn ceilings. After it is nailed or screwed to the subfloor, the seams are covered with fiberglass tape. Yeah, I’m actually getting a flat surface in a lot of areas, so… Tiffany seems to have a habit of roping Shannon into her projects. Wood and masonry materials expand and contract at different rates, so the backerboard creates a continuous surface that will move with the tile.

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