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These files are used for things such as cross referencing, generating bibliographies, and making tables of contents.If an error appears in one of these files, or if you would like to delete the files for some other reason, you do this by clearing the cache (a.k.a. This is done by clicking into Logs and output files: and scrolling down to the clear cached files button.Is this a bug in Te Xnic Center or La Te X or am I missing something here? Edit: I also see this line in the new output log: '("C:...\size10.clo") latex.exe: GUI framework cannot be initialized' and in the end of the log La Te X results says "0 Page(s)" (were generated I guess?) Changing the "Install missing packages on-the-fly" option to "Yes" doesn't always work.

Whenever I want to see the final output I compile atleast 3 times and only then look.In particular we are looking for people who want to try the most recent features before they are officially released.If you are interested download and subscribe to release candidates and development snapshots. Depending on the type of feedback you may use different channels to communicate.The easiest way to help on the development with Te Xstudio is to use it!Furthermore, if you like Te Xstudio, tell all your friends and colleagues about it.

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