Updating battlefield 2

- Reduced the reload time for vehicle countermeasures.

- Slightly increased the AT4's damage vs armor to emphasize its anti vehicle role while keeping it balanced vs armor.

- Slightly lowered the damage of the MG3 at close range to balance it with other high rate of fire weapons.

I have been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 since 2010 and I still like to play that game sometimes (I have Battlefield 3 Premium too).

Checked in the morning, still won't install version 1.01.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Patch v795745 Here's a manual update for the non-Steam version of the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 client.

- Increased the AT4's splash damage so it competes with other AT weapons vs infantry.

The AT4 still has the least splash damage of all AT weapons.

- Reduced the splash damage of the Carl Gustav to bring it in line with other explosive weapons.

All I wanted was to play a bit of single player here and there and hop on when my friends are playing and so far, nothing of the sort has been allowed.

I'm completely out of ideas and looking for any possible help now.

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A Spawning Player can still orient passively in the Game World.. - Fixed slug shotgun zoom crosshair on PC so they better represent the long range accuracy.

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