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Danny finally admits to Riley that he loves her, but she takes it as an act to get her out of the situation with Ben, so she goes along with it and thanks him.On her way to return the stroller that the boys bought, Bonnie grabs the attention of a man on the street and begins using it like the boys did.

Riley and Ben become co-captains and the team celebrates a winning streak.The sitcom stars Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Ben Wheeler, a bartender, who while moving his brother Danny Wheeler (Derek Theler) into the apartment Ben shares with best friend Tucker Dobbs (Tahj Mowry), he's surprised when Emma, a baby girl, is left on his doorstep by Angela, a girl with whom he had a one-night stand.He gets help from his mother Bonnie Wheeler (Melissa Peterman) and his close female friend Riley Perrin (Chelsea Kane) who also is in love with him.Riley goes along with it and all goes well until Ben meets his boss' daughter at the meeting, who is the same girl that he had previously gotten a number from earlier before.Meanwhile, Danny and Tucker compete to see who can get the most phone numbers from random girls on the street with the help of the stroller, as Bonnie chases them around, looking to get the girly stroller back.

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