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While I much prefer it made over a coals fire so you get lovely smoked sort of finish, which really compliments the herbs and other ingredients in the classic Jamaican jerk marinade. reality in Canada is it can get VERY cold during the winter months, so realistically I had to come up with a recipe with will duplicate those same flavors, but in an everyday kitchen oven. Here's another classic recipe with a slightly different take.

We've done several versions of Callaloo (soup) to date and it's only natural that I share another version I prepare at home, using lobster tails.If you're from the Caribbean or have traveled to the islands (maybe you have friends from the region), you'll know that Garlic Sauce (a thin aioli) is one of the preferred condiments served with BBQ.While there are many variations of this iconic sauce, I grantee you that this is as spectacular as it gets. that rich thick soup packed with tropical flavors, but made with very simple and cheap ingredients.This recipe is based on a bean dish found at many Chinese restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago (and Markham).While not the exact thing, it can hold it’s own on any dinner table.

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