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Reality TV World: Last night's broadcast said you met Summer's parents. Summer said they did, but I just wanted to get your take on that. "Chase" Aaron Chase: It went really well with Summer, with her mom and her brother. He was in another part of the state, so it went really well. "Chase" Aaron Chase: You know, I'm a pretty agreeable person and we pretty much just talked and said, "Okay this will work.

I had breakfast with her mom, hung out with her brother, at night, we went to a play. We have what each other wants and we're probably not going to like another person like this again, the way we are." So Summer made the decision, she was like, "You know what?

So it was really all planned within the first week of her and I arriving back into the states. We automatically had something to look forward to, big plans for us, and Summer and I, we literally talked for seven hours a day on end throughout the week. We love laughing and we love just being around each other. Reality TV World: When you guys got home and tried to develop a strong relationship, what was the most difficult hurdle you had to overcome and how do you think being on helped us to really establish what we had between the two of us.

That's our biggest leap for right now, and you know, three or five year -- which ever it might be -- I definitely see better things coming.Reality TV World: Ben seemed to think your relationship was mainly friendly and that you two just thrived on the competition together.You both didn't really argue his point to a great extent, so why was that?Did you feel like you didn't owe them an explanation because you simply knew what you had, or at that time, did you not blame them for thinking that based on your interactions together? It's fueling the fire for somebody like that who gets upset easily and tries to argue when he knows nothing about Summer and I or anything in our conversations.He had an outside perspective when he saw at lunch and then the only time he saw us in the competitions was when he was looking at our heels as we beat them.

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