Std and dating

dating app with STD verification" still has a sparse website, is getting its business model, staff experts, and lab-testing partners sorted out, and reportedly boasts a small number of users who're working to certify their test results in the app's online portal.

This does not include oral herpes and nearly 80% of sexually active people will contract HPV in some point in their lives.However with dating apps comes with higher risks of getting infected.Every year there are over 2M Americans with cases of gonorrhea and Syphilis which are the most common and treatable STD’s, with long term health problems if not caught early.In doing so, it raises a range of questions and concerns far too vast for any one app (or app reviewer) to settle alone.It also provides an opportunity to consider the often insular and high-risk path that startup culture, as a whole, has chosen to follow so far--and whether it's finally time to change course.

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