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‘We’re coming for you.’ Tomorrow, she’ll leave LA to set out to tour the album.For the first time, she gets properly animated thinking about it.During the writing and recording of the album, Annie (who lives between LA, New York and her home state of Texas) decided to move into the Marlton Hotel in Greenwich Village.

‘This is just me...’ says Annie Clark, better known as St Vincent, over breakfast in a small Thai cafe in West Hollywood.

She wrote film scripts, which would lead to her directorial debut for short film with Lionsgate. ’ she jokes, referencing an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony home-run.

Critical appraise and fortune aside, Annie also wants to revolutionise.

to/Lover @jackantonoff #Lover H9sg9t Ei I Here is what I remember* from this shoot: it was taken at a beautiful home in London in which a very prized parrot lived.

The parrot made itself known often —- In that lacerating way only parrots can.

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WATCH: 10 Times Cara Delevingne Slayed The Fashion Game ‘There are certainly codes and references, stuff that’s my own internal language,’ she continues.

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