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Note that most of these items are also applicable to previous versions.There are a couple of different symptoms that can lead you to believe that Intelli Sense is "not working." One is where the Intelli Sense features (auto-complete / list members / tool-tips / underlining invalid references) do not function at all.I just created account on Your site and minutes later I had Apex SQL Complete and Refactor installed.

SQL Server 2012 Books Online outlines a variety of other potential issues in the topic Troubleshooting Intelli Sense (SQL Server Management Studio).Thanks for whole team for creating such amazing software and for releasing it for free. I recently created a database called “test DB” and when I typed “USE test DB” in the SSMS Query window it gave me a little red squiggly underline (see below snapshot).Visit Stack Exchange Database Administrators Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community. Sign up to join this community Intelli Sense in SSMS isn't updating unless I shut it down and restart.I've tried disconnecting from the server and reconnecting while the SSMS session is active, but that isn't working.

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I hope that gives you some avenues to try if you are finding that Intelli Sense isn't working (partially or at all).

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