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Over the past week, the Spotify subreddit has been awash with complaints about the software update.“BRING BACK OLD SPOTIFY,” “New mobile update sucks! ” are a handful of the top posts that have been voted up to the top of the forum by some of its 122,000 members.And the albums tab only shows full albums that you have saved, so if you have 3 songs from the same album, they would be in the ‘liked songs’ playlist instead...

If users didn’t save their recently played songs before they updated, they now have to manually search for them to get them back.It’s all subjective, of course, but we think the best playlists on Spotify are the ones with a unified theme — playlists you can throw on and enjoy, even if you don’t know all the songs.You could make your own playlist, but that means a substantial time commitment as you pore through the service’s depths.The outrage ranged from commiseration to organization about how to send feedback via official company channels.The company promised the update would make for a “seamless, personalized experience,” but droves of audiophiles on Reddit have begged to differ.

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