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Take my phone to call or text me with any future problems attending. When you know what it feels like to fail ferociously and have gained the capacity to rise and rise and rise again.I think that is fare.760-895-0578 Hugs, Anne I love this poem. When you can make your tea on a quiet and ridiculously lonely afternoon and still have a song in your heart Queen owl wings beating beneath the cotton of your sweater.We also encourage suggestions from our members of new places to try. Guys & Dolls search for occasional inexpensive trips such as renting mountain cabins, river cruises, short local vacations where expenses can be shared and group discounts apply.

If a mutual interest is noted, meaning that the person you have picked has also picked you, the organizers provide each party with the other's contact information (email and nickname). You arrange to meet and start getting to know each other.We will also meet for club dancing, dinners, breakfast, festivals, art shows and house parties.The number of members allowed to attend house parties is set by the hostess and members that are willing to host parties in their home will have priority to all house parties.Our only strict three rules we have are never talk about religion, politics or say anything negative about a member that is not present.Of course any offensive sexual aggressive behavior is never allowed.

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