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The event brought 60 final year GP trainees and First5 GPs together with GPs and representatives from 24 East Midlands Practices.Practices from all corners of the Vale of Trent area were able to attend.We will only conduct the speed dating events if we see big enough interest from both sides (men and women). A group of singles gathers at a cafe or similar venue.Putting your name on a waiting list is non-binding and you don't pay any fee.It will allow us to determine if there is a potential interest in this speed dating category.Attend a night with friends or even by yourself, My Speed Date's welcoming hosts will ensure you're completely at ease.

My Speed Date provides customers with up to 20 dates in one evening, this improves your chances of finding a potential match.Trainees spent 3 minutes talking to every practice in attendance.The aim was to maximise the number of connections made between new GPs needing work and Practices looking for staff.If a mutual interest is noted, meaning that the person you have picked has also picked you, the organizers provide each party with the other's contact information (email and nickname). You arrange to meet and start getting to know each other.Practices are facing a perfect storm of factors making it difficult to find and keep salaried and partner colleagues.

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