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As such, they need to be made from highly resistant materials, resistant to heat, to electrical conductivity and to external wear and tear.The core components have to be made out of high-grade materials, and you will find the best leads are made of multiple layers.Please view the inboard & outboard motor application guides below.You may also find the Champion spark plug code helpful.With our dedication to quality, outstanding reliability and state of the art manufacturing techniques, you can rely on NGK Spark Plugs. Glow Plugs NGK Glow Plugs are at the forefront of technological innovations.Our glow plugs maintain optimum starting capabilities and offer an excellent post-glow function, promoting clean combustion and lower toxic emissions.

NTK Oxygen Sensors are designed to maintain optimal fuel efficiency and are supplied with a direct-fit connector similar to those used by the OEM manufacturer for easy installation.However, the spark plug is only as good as the wire that leads the electricity to its electrodes.Those plastic looking wires that come with colorful boots (or black, but that’s a color too), are as important to the system as the spark plug.Product linkage to vehicles or equipment from this publication are considered under normal conditions of use, fitted by a professional.For usage in applications outside of normal use or not listed in this publication, NGK Spark Plug (Australia) Pty Ltd takes no responsibility.

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