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And yes, these aren’t small towns per se but they do feel like ones.

If meeting Ukrainian girls is your goal, we suggest trying this website. You have to remember that Slavic tongues have very little in common with other European languages.

Though Slavic women come from similar cultures and also look similar, there are some differences: Eastern Slavic cultures are all about getting married young.

The clichéd joke of “at 25 and unmarried you’re already a spinster” is pretty much the reality in these countries.

The East Slavs include: These groups are East, West, or South relative to each other.

Otherwise, all of those countries are in Eastern or Central Europe.

Ukraine is not a surprising destination for seekers of pretty Slavic women.

With Southern and Western Slavs, they are somewhat forced to learn English.

They live closer to other non-Slavic people and they are in the “EU sphere of influence”, meaning that most of their job and education opportunities are within the European Union. Well, they have a sense of self-sufficiency and they don’t always have the motivation to learn English.

There is a large variety in the women you meet, depending on the region.

One thing never changes though and that is high maintenance.

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And no, that doesn’t change once they are in a committed relationship.

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