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The State Board of Education first revoked a teacher's license in December 1967.

Since that time it has taken action against more than 750 licenses.

The Charleston Earthquake of 1886 was the largest quake ever to hit the Southeastern United States.

This 7.2 magnitude earthquake killed 60 people and destroyed much of the city.

The Blue Ridge Region contains an escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains, that continues into North Carolina and Georgia, as part of the southern Appalachian Mountains.

Much of the Piedmont consists of Paleozoic metamorphic and igneous rocks, and the landscape has relatively low relief.

Earthquakes in South Carolina demonstrate the greatest frequency along the central coastline of the state, in the Charleston area.

South Carolina averages 10–15 earthquakes a year below magnitude 3 (FEMA).

The state's coastline contains many salt marshes and estuaries, as well as natural ports such as Georgetown and Charleston.

An unusual feature of the coastal plain is a large number of low-relief topographic depressions named Carolina bays.

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At the southeastern edge of the Piedmont is the fall line, where rivers drop to the coastal plain.

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