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Likewise, embryos incubated under broader fluctuations around warmer profiles experience mostly feminizing temperatures, some dangerously high (which increase mortality), and fewer colder values that are insufficient to induce male development.

This occurs presumably because wider oscillations around cooler profiles expose embryos to very low temperatures that inhibit development, and to feminizing temperatures where most embryogenesis accrues.We show that instead of having a moderating effect, increased thermal variation may accelerate the rate at which natural TSD turtle populations could become feminized by climate change.Our data revealed that larger oscillations alter the balance between embryonic development accrued above and below the pivotal temperature by altering the exposure of eggs to temperatures that vary in their potency to sustain development and to trigger male or female development.1b) demonstrated that Painted Turtles undergo sex reversal when artificial incubation temperatures diverge significantly from average values that produce exclusively males or females when the temperature is constant, which could have important ecological and evolutionary consequences provided that similar effects were experienced by nests in nature.Namely, if rising average temperature alone induces feminization of TSD turtles but global warming is accompanied by more marked thermal oscillations within natural nests that have a masculinizing effect, then these effects could counter each other, slowing down the feminization of TSD population, and thus decelerating the concomitant demographic collapse.

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