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They look awesome, they are perfect partners, loyal and supportive, and they are, well, they are just perfect. She has a well-paid job, but it can only be called "well-paid" in Russia, not in the US, of course.

Our experts answered to all the questions you may have, so you'll know everything about Russian mail order brides after reading this article. She doesn't have any children yet (but she likely wants to).

Economic and demographic situation is one of the most important reasons why Russian ladies become mail order brides.

The thing is, average salaries in Russia and Ukraine are about 0-0 (except the salaries in the biggest cities like Moscow).

We provide romance tours to russia and Ukraine every 2 months with a specialized team experts in Slavic Culture. You want to change your life for the better with a beautiful Russian Bride oversea ?

Western men are more polite, gentle, and respectful than Russian men.

What are their reasons and what should you know about them?

We don't want to insult anyone here, of course, but Russian men just aren't so sincere, kind and serious as their western counterparts.

We are receiving profiles daily of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus ladies wishing to hear from Western men. So, remember to come back and browse our Russian women gallery for new additions.

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We are different because we are looking for the happiness for the Russian girls and russian women who have trusted us.

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