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He graduated from Depaul University with a major in Computer Science.Upon graduation, he worked in technology and management consulting.After VH-1's The Pick Up Artist, Matador launched his official website in 2012 as a Pickup Artist in training resource.The site provides Pickup Artist training, information, and tips to “playing the game” via online, in-person, and phone-based training.Since finishing the Pickup Artist show, Matador has been studying to complete a film school degree and using it to focus on the business, to produce more infield footage, and better quality footage.

Read more » I keep getting asked to give my Facebook: Friends to Lovers Review of David Wygant’s men’s dating advice program. David Wygant created this system to help turn female Facebook friends into real life lovers.Matador's bootcamps have also been named 'Matador Mayhem' and his particular teaching style and techniques have also become known as the Matador Mayhem Technique as a result.Matador's teaching style is different to Mystery's, although he follows and has been inspired by Mystery's advice and techniques.It seems like a lot of you have watched the free video. But you’re worried that it might be a Facebook: Friends to Lovers scam or it’s not worth the money.Here’s the honest truth of what happens when you order the David Wygant Facebook: Friends to Lovers Master The Art Of Dating On Facebook program.

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Matador's specialties include physical escalation and making it a reward for the woman, and working on your avatar (the persona you use when going out to meet women) to have the confidence to approach and meet women.

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