Prince william dating rumors

If you follow Royals gossip then the past few weeks have been a veritable goldmine of posh sleaze for you.

Right now, the British Royal Family (the Royals who gobble up most of the world’s attention, sorry Denmark) are in a curious place where they have seemingly never been more popular. The younger generation, headlined by the Cambridge and Sussex duos, have been heralded as the new era of royalty, the modern millennials who are Just Like Us.

What is it about this tale that has enraptured and enraged so many? First of all, it’s tough to avoid the optics of how this story, unfounded or otherwise, has picked up no steam in the British press while every move Meghan makes is under the microscope.

The press has blasted her for everything from wearing dark nail polish to wanting to choose her own doctors for her impending childbirth to, shock of all shocks, closing her own car door and holding her own baby bump.

So it’s no wonder that one especially juicy piece of Royal rumour has caught fire over the past couple of weeks.

It’s nice to take a break from seeing Meghan be crushed, if nothing else.

The other possibility to this gossip angle is that the anti-Meghan stories are coming directly from the House of Cambridge as a way to keep the focus off the cheating.

The British press are pretty kind to the Royals for the most part.

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