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Personal coaching is a popular industry both on and off the web.

Those providing personal coaching services needs well-designed websites to tell potential clients about their services and products.

This theme features 7 demo versions, including the default demo and the Coming Soon menu page.

The demo settings can easily be imported and serve as the starting point for designing your own page.

We examine the top of their funnel to figure out how they subscribe people to their newsletter and turn prospects into leads.

Three CTA’s (call to action) line up horizontally followed by a full-screen image as a testimonial.

Enfold is a responsive multi-purpose theme from Kriesi. You can use it to build different types of websites – corporate, e Commerce, restaurant, photography, you name it.

We look at the bottom to discover how they sign visitors up for a trial of their service, and how they convince those leads to buy.

Today though, no matter where you look — whether it’s a small-time agency or a giant like Pay Pal — you’ll find that all those tasks are increasingly being accomplished by post-click landing pages.

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