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Now, if the approver forgets to sign and tries to save the work item, he will get the following error message: To sign, the approver will have to type the password that he uses when we logs into the Jazz team Server.Once the work item is saved, the signature field will disappear, as requested during the setup of the presentation: And the work item history will provide the information specifying who effectively sign the approval: To conclude with the E-Signature, the only concern that we have on this E-Signature setup is that, even if there is nothing to approve, the process will require an e-signature to move from the Done state to the Approved state.Some very conservative customers require not only the default approval mechanism we already put in place but they also require that the user who is currently approving the Work Item, identifies himself to be sure that nobody else is currently using the current account to approve the current work item…In RTC, this digital signature, named e-signature, will consist in requesting to the current approver to provide his password again.The configuration of this approval requires 3 main steps: Let’s create a new task and set the same approval again.You can notice that the e-signature field is , for now, not visible in the Approvals page.

This appears now as a configurable build definition parameter: We obviously enter 'Private' or 'Integration' in each definition accordingly.

To implement such behavior, we have a Save Work Item precondition named “Prevent editing”.

At this point, depending on the selected role in the step 2 of the previous section, either nobody, or at least, the concerned people will not be able to change any field of a work items once it has been approved.

For TFS 2014, you still cannot change it from the changeset section. I thought I'd add the below, since I like pictures :-).

I'm a novice with the Power Shell and TFS cmdlets and I'm trying to retrieve a list of changesets in an area path, and their associated work items.

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Philip wrote a simple app to list the work items associated with the changesets for a given path, and it’s in some ways an enhanced update of Naren’s post.

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