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However, when looking at different user groups, men usually have a better time with dating apps than women. online dating audience size is estimated to reach 37.5 million in 2023, up from 33.9 million in 2018.

Only 10 percent of male users reported somewhat or very negative experiences, whereas 29 percent of women did so. The most popular dating website in the United States was, followed by Tinder and Plentyof Fish.

China isn’t just the largest market for e-commerce. To win in today’s e-commerce universe, e-tailers and brands need to fully understand the shopping and consumption needs of the Chinese consumer to engage with them effectively.

Online dating is no longer seen as a last attempt for the desperate and lonely to find their soul mate.

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It’s well known that China is the largest e-commerce market in the world, but you might not realize the huge untapped opportunity it represents for foreign manufacturers and retailers.

In fact, among rural netizens, online shopping penetration grew 41% from 2013 to 2014 (more than growth in cities, which was 16%).

Social media has also contributed to e-commerce growth in China.

In 2015, 71% of urban online shopper used mobile phones to shop online, up from 51% in 2014.

China’s online shoppers are growing more mature or “rational,” and rational shoppers make up almost 40% of urban online shoppers.

These more mature consumers see the e-tail space as a place to find quality with the reasonable prices and better shopping experience they want.

Common actions before meeting somebody IRL for the first time include searching their name and social media profiles online, as well as searching their phone number online. As of January 2019, 27.6 percent of users were active on a daily basis.

In 2018, online dating revenue in the United States amounted to 555 million U. In comparison, Tinder had a 34.5 percent daily usage rate and Bumble had a 29.2 percent daily access rate.

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