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The host is Keith Chegwin, most recently famous for hosting the recent successful revival of seminal team races/stunts contest It's a Knockout after a long career hosting children's TV shows in an overenthusiastic fashion.

Naked Jungle is essentially a naturist version of the recent children's action game show Jungle Run.

New Girl is the type of series that you won't want to stop watching.

IT will certainly put you in a good mood and you'll find yourself laughing while watching it.

Game three, The Chasm of Doom, saw the gentlemen swing a ravine and run around the set trying to collect fig-leaves. It was starting to get a little much.) The ladies did something different; they aimed to throw colour-coded spears down off a rope bridge into a target. Game four, The Cave of Lost Souls, was a straight race.

Each of the three contestants in each half of the show ran around said cave, sliding planks, laying down ladders, swinging on ropes and securing sets of netting in order to make their way around the inside of the cave and avoid falling into chasms. The gents all made it round cleanly, so the slowest man was eliminated.

We also see some character development, changes in the characters' personalities that make us either proud or disappointed.

Accordingly, they promptly devoted a whole week of programmes to help celebrate world naturism.

This is a bona fide naturist game show: host and contestants all in the buff.

The characters are incredibly well-written, each one of them having a back story that is easy to keep up with and very believable.

It doesn't take long for us to feel like we're also living in this apartment where Jess moves in after being cheated on by her boyfriend.

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