Luke pasqualino and klariza clayton dating

Even though Luke’s character in the television series seems to be really outgoing and the television series might seem shocking for people in real life Luke is not like this and this might be another reason that there is no Luke Pasqualino girlfriend, because he does not like to get into relationship with girls that he is not planning to be with in the future.

Further when the filming of this television series began Luke was shocked himself, because of the content of it.

Born in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom, Luke Pasqualino was raised in the family with 3 members: father, Pep Pasqualino, mother, and a sister Natalie Pasqualino.It looks like his relationship with Jessica was lasting almost for a year or at least it looks this way.But they broke up in 2010 and she is no longer called as Luke Pasqualino girlfriend and he is available for girls to grab him.It looks like after the show it became much easier for him, because he has been a part of one horror movie where he participated together with famous stars.Thus there are rumors about two girls that could have been named as Luke Pasqualino girlfriend once and they are: the first one is Klariza Clayton, but there is no concrete information so this must be only a rumor and also the other one is Jessica Szohr.

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