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Dave and Alli greet all of the students from other schools who arrive at Degrassi for the Model UN, and Dave comes face to face with Jacinta again.

In Smash Into You (2), Dave and Jancinta hold hands with each other in the mock UN's warm up activity.

I remember being shocked when a friend of mine said that the worship leader in his church was not on speaking terms with three people in the congregation because of their messy break ups.

Three people that they are meant to lead to God and have fellowship with. If people in church cannot reconcile and forgive then something is missing.

Dave catches up with Jacinta, and as they continue to argue Jacinta walks into traffic without looking and gets hit by a car.

Dave and Jancinta formed a summer fling while Dave's girlfriend, Alli Bhandari, was away at camp.Meanwhile, Dave’s former summer fling Jacinta is constantly texting him, wanting to get back together.He blocks her on all social media sites, and when she calls him, Dave tells her to never call him again.Dave joins the Model UN and surprises Alli by setting everything up.She agrees to finally talk with Dave, which leads to them making out and getting back together.

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