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Philip escorted their two young daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, who were distant cousins of Philip’s through Queen Victoria.

The 13-year-old Elizabeth developed a crush on Philip during the trip.

Try to take a bunch of photos because this most likely a once in a lifetime encounter.

After, give her pleasant and royal dining experience with one the castle’s majestic cafes.

We’re looking for writers to interview independent businesses all across Leeds to make Leeds Love Affair bigger and better. Leeds has always been full of innovators, who can turn something simple into something brilliant with hard work and imagination.

With an amazing story line that lures you in with its audio presentations, it will sure keep you both on your toes throughout the show.

Walks like this bring peace and harmony unheard of.

It will be a shame if you do not savior this memory with some one that may affect the rest of your life or even just for that night.

Upfront entertainment always a good idea for a first date.

The beautiful waters of the Water of Leith comes in handy adventuring in the first nite out. So toting your fishing pole and teaching you date off your rod how to cast and reel in is a manly but gentle way for physical contact.

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