Louisiana dating and sex websites

The younger generation now has easy access to meeting complete strangers through simple apps such as these. 20 million people are using these dating sites and apps, which is more than double the number five years ago.

While online dating is generally safe, you still run the risk of violating laws related to preying on minors, sexual assault, and even prostitution.

The law has not caught up to the ease at which sexting is done.

With the click of your finger, you can easily and frequently send a nude photo to another person.

You should quickly and respectfully end your communication with him or her and move on.

This is especially common among teenagers throughout the country.

In addition, if you and the minor live in different states, and you arrange to meet with the minor with the intent to engage in sexual activity, you are exposed to facing federal charges.

The consequences for facing federal prosecution are more harsh and more expensive.

However, if you ask the other person his or her age, you can avoid the situation altogether.

Clearly, if their response is that they are 17 or younger, you should end all communication immediately.

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