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But it’s better to know what’s up from the start than to be caught totally off guard.

So, if you've either come to realization that your partner isn't ready to fully commit, or still aren't sure what they want, well, it’s time to do the hard thing: Talk to them about your feelings.

Well, that's a sign that this is a relationship with an expiration date.

As Winter explained, meeting the family and friends is a sign that your partner is taking the relationship seriously, and avoiding it sends an equal but opposite message.

ignited demand for another round, and we have now DELIVERED!"Far too many people balk at being honest from the start.They're afraid of being rejected for speaking their truth.But everything is a lot smoother when everyone is on the same page, so signs your partner doesn’t want a long-term relationship are something you should always be keeping an eye out for early on in a new relationship.That way, you don't catch any really deep feelings and get hurt.

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I view it as dating that won't lead to a long life together.

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