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I don't have access to my development machine environment at the moment so even if the branch needed small fixes I don't really feel like touching it [email protected] Cheung agreed, but I haven't worked on it since the implementation didn't feel clean.But on a bigger project this animation workaround is slow as hell and FPS goes "below the sea level".

Somehow a different Shape Key was selected and "tricked" by having Basic coloured. Maybe with a little caching of the active verts of the active object and checking against the previous state of those verts, and not call update_from_node if the coordinates are unchanged.In the case of the Spline object, however, this is a little more convoluted..Without discrimination during frame change it will update everything on every layout with that animation button switched on.Team Sverchok has superficially discussed the issue of live updates several times.

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But when I go back to Object Mode, it's still the same before I edited it.

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