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Written for teen girls, Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl will help you on your own journey from neediness to freedom. Teenage girls often look to others for security and significance—most often, it’s boys. That was me at the age of sixteen, and had someone put this book in my hands back then, who knows the heartaches I could’ve avoided.What a joy it has been to watch Paula on her “journey from neediness to freedom.” The transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. I cannot tell you how much it related to me and gave me the example and Scripture I needed to get through my obstacles.Paula shares how God helped her step off the crazy cycle of heartbreak over meaningless crushes and get on to a more meaningful relationship with Him.takes an honest look at the core heart issues that hide behind the lies and mind games that can keep you trapped in the repeat cycle.Sprinkled with humor and filled with biblical truth and realistic wisdom it navigates you on your own heart-searching truth journey pointing to a new direction, purpose, and resolution.But more than that, Buttigieg’s accelerated career arc is testimony to our times, to how the pay-your-dues traditions that once governed politics have been tossed aside with the election of Donald Trump.

He withdrew after a heading-for-defeat bid to become the Democratic National Committee chairman in 2017.

She’s relatable, humorous, practical and just plain real.

Gospel-saturated and biblically sound, I wish I could’ve read this book as a young teen; it addresses so many common temptations and provides gospel-centered help.

Her reflections on that journey are honest, engaging, refreshing, and insightful. If you want off the roller coaster ride of romance, this book is your ticket. I am really boy crazy and love the thought of love, but this book helped me in more ways than could be counted.

In this book, young women will find Paula to be a relatable, caring, wise friend. In a style that feels like a great conversation with a good friend, Paula gives us front row seats to her up and down ride on the roller coaster of love and then teaches us that there is a better way. With encouraging transparency, deep faith, and wisdom learned in the crucible of pain, Paula Hendricks invites us into her heart.

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