Length dating before marriage based age

“Couples will move in together and get to a level of seriousness and comfort.

Before you know it, it’s been 10 years and then they say, ‘You know what?

New York City didn’t even make the top 10 of that list.

In its Singles in America 2016 report, found that 23% of singles do not want to get married -- nationwide. In fact, the study found that those from New York are 29% MORE likely to want to marry compared to non-New Yorkers.

“I see a huge spectrum of ages when it comes to getting married,” says Chamblin, the wedding planner.

“My clients are usually in their late 20s to mid-30s.

The national average marrying age, according to The Knot, is 29 for brides and 31 for grooms, which is still relatively “old” compared to past averages.

“While this trend is everywhere, it’s happening in New York City more than anywhere else in the country because people live together here before marriage probably more so than anywhere else.Work hours are different, neighborhoods are more conducive. People who get married in their 20s have a lot to juggle.It’s not impossible, but it takes a lot to be able to juggle all the demands of this city, in addition to growing yourself up,” Viglucci adds.I don’t see very many getting married under the age of 25.The youngest I have had has been in the mid-20 range, but 28 to 30 is really where I usually see many of my clients,” she says.

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