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If you don’t know these details, then do some research.When you are prepared and knowledgeable about your lot or land you can make the process easier for potential buyers and inspire faith with solid answers to their questions. When selling a home you would never leave out your dirty laundry for potential buyers to see, and you should also clean up your lot before it is shown and marketed.Pricing land can be trickier when compared to pricing a home.Developed lots in communities may have a clear “market” price based on the recent sale of similar lots.

When selling a home you know your target market typically is a home buyer in a certain price range.

When selling real estate, you sometimes have to choose between getting the highest price and possibly selling quicker.

Plus, your pricing may be influenced if you need to sell for financial reasons.

Is your likely buyer an individual looking for a lot for a new home?

Or is your buyer going to be a builder or developer looking for land for their next project?

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