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Bass began singing in his Baptist church choir, and was encouraged to audition for local performance groups by his childhood best friend, Darren Dale, the youngest child of former longtime Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale.

Bass joined the Mississippi Show Stoppers, a statewide music group sponsored by the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, and the Attaché Show Choir, a national-award-winning competitive show choir group at Clinton High School.

I know what the magazine gets out of it, but not the person. Your friends and family are the people you reveal yourself to.

They are the ones who should have real access to you." Judging by the statement, many deduced that the actor may have come out of the closet a long while back to his family including his siblings.

He went to speak that the only people he would discuss his sexual identity were his family and friends.

"I just don’t get why an actor would want to reveal their secrets, hopes and fears to a magazine or newspaper.

As a young boy, Bass developed an interest in space, and at age nine traveled to Cape Canaveral, Florida, with his father to watch his first live space shuttle launch.

During an interview with New Zealand's magazine in 2008, Craig reluctantly opened up about his gayness and added that he didn't care about people's judgment on his sexuality.

Craig further mentioned that individuals including celebrities were entitled to have a private life without the interference of media and the paparazzi.

He was also a member of a seven-man vocal group named Seven Card Stud, which competed at state fairs and performed at several social and political events for Senator Trent Lott.

At Clinton High School, Bass was elected vice president of his junior class and has said that he performed well in math and science.

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