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Britton was in the process of developing a project with the director David O.

Russell when Callie Khouri, the screenwriter most famous for “Thelma and Louise,” approached her about playing Rayna Jaymes.

Britton, now 45, seemed to have emerged in her prime, redefining, in the process, what an actress’s prime exactly is.

“Jerry Maguire” may have been the best thing that never happened to her.“Maybe I was too tall,” Britton said, offering one theory of why she didn’t land the part opposite Cruise.

She signed on.“Friday Night Lights” turned Britton into something of an icon, a 40-something sex symbol and role model at the center of a critically acclaimed show (albeit one that was never a ratings smash).

These days, the Internet is crowded with blog posts celebrating her exemplary television marriage, her maternal wisdom, the sheer amazingness of her hair.

Moving to Nashville with her son was not an easy decision for Britton, especially because it meant signing a seven-year contract.

“You make a decision based on a pilot you have read, that has not been shot,” she said.

The day she finally did a screen test with Cruise, Britton said, she heard that “they just want to screen-test one other actress.” Britton laughed, this time a little more darkly.Connie Britton got over it a long time ago, the part that got away.But it’s a good story, and she still tells it with feeling: The year was 1995.All these people had flown in, many who had been a part of this series for all these years.Everybody was crying, and [executive producer] Peter Berg made a speech.

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  1. She was very happy as she was successful to keep her relationship for a long period of time. Maybe that wasn’t the end of her love life, maybe none of them were meant to be with her.