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By 2011, Cuoco was beginning to date guys away from the showbiz circle, like an addiction specialist named Josh Reznik.They were engaged to be married, but it fell apart five months later.After the fiery performance of Lady Gaga’s song, Bri had a somewhat hard time choosing between judges Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera whom she eventually went with. Who Is Her Husband, Boyfriend, Brother The inseparable sisters have displayed an enviable close relationship while they worked together and made many sweet red carpet moments.

Her first immediate boyfriend after Galecki was musician Christopher French.

Born in Camarillo, California, Kaley Cuocoo is the daughter of Gary Carmine Cuoco and Layne Ann.

Gary who is a realtor has an Italian root while Layne had a mix of the English and German root.

Kaley Cuoco recently found love with equestrian Karl Cook, but he isn't the first guy to ride straight into her heart.

The actress has been attached to a handful of hotties over the years, from her The Big Bang Theory costar Johnny Galecki to Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

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How the two kept it quiet for two years is a bit of a mystery in television lore.

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