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Their first few months together were "like a dream" which they had spent "like sixteen year-olds in love." At some point, Jordan got in a fight at a club where some guy bit him, not realizing until later that he had been bitten by a werewolf.

After three weeks, the effects of the bite started to affect him; he had sudden waves of uncontrollable rage and anger, which he took out on Maia, beginning in what Maia had described as their nightmarish last few months together.

He had become possessive, controlling and jealous, and was convinced that she was interested in other guys but had no evidence to prove it.

He had even come to the point where he would slap and hit her when he got angry.

The two continued to spend time together and Jordan even generously offered to pay for her expenses in Stanford if she accepted the offer. During the patrols done after Jace went missing with the resurrected Sebastian Morgenstern, they kissed after Jordan expressed his relief that he actually found her.

However, the moment is short-lived as Maia pulled back impulsively as Jordan said "I love you, Maia.

The two officially tried to define their relationship once and for all, Jordan told Maia that if she wanted to remain friends, then that wasn't going to work for him, because he still loved her, and knew that just being friends would be too difficult for him.

After a moment of contemplation, Maia kissed him, revealing her decision to get back together as a couple.

The Praetor also refused to let him check up on her even for a while afterwards; they simply informed him that she had run away from home.Before he left, Maia heard him mutter, "You're mine now.You'll always be mine," though she did not realize at the time that it meant she would be a werewolf, too.Soon enough, Jace ended up at their apartment and revealed Jordan's true nature as a werewolf right after he met him, forcing Jordan to immediately explain that, as part of an alliance, the Praetor Lupus had him dispatched to keep an eye on Simon.Jordan and Maia met again for the first time since he Turned her the night Simon accidentally attacked and fed on Maureen Brown, which also happened to be the same night that Maia and Isabelle finally found out that they were both dating Simon.

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