Job hunting is like dating

You’re not the only one trying to impress someone, and you have power, too.

Even when the interview is over, Oliver stresses the importance of sending a thank you note.

"But if you are too picky, you might never get any choices.

It's important to strike a happy middle ground between being selective and being too open, or you'll waste everyone's time." In high school, many girls are attracted to the star of the football team.

Dating is ultimately trying to 'thread the needle' into finding the right partner.

Lots of people out there but very few will I see to as analogous to being an actor.

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Here are five common factors between job search and dating: When you start dating someone, you generally know right away whether or not they will be apart of your life. As the old saying goes, "No one is perfect." This applies to employers, too.

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